Portable water tanks

Ronak Poly Pack presents Portable Tanks, which specifically designed to store substantial quantity of water or other liquid to be used for various purposes. We provide durable tanks with using premium quality, which can suitable for any weather condition. While agriculture is our main focus, these tanks have wide application and can be used for storing water or other liquids, food reserves, raw materials; for disaster relief and humanitarian assistance, for firefighting and emergency relief; and in industrial and military applications. We customized the tanks as per customer requirement, so that they can use it wherever they want.


  • Durable & Long lasting
  • UV Stabilized
  • Cost effective
  • Flexible & Movable
  • Easy to install & maintain
  • Required less area
  • Eco Friendly

Services & Solutions

Bio Floc Fish Tank

We supply Bio floc Fish Tank in PVC material in various thickness. Bio Floc is a very innovative and cost effective technology in aquaculture. Bio floc Fish tank helps fish farmers to take maximum production by utilizing limited space and lesser water which makes Fish farming financially viable. A Farmer can easily control and monitor these tanks as these tanks are smaller in size compared to large fish ponds. Also due to lesser capital investment, Bio Floc Fish Tanks are helping rural development of the country.

Rain Water Harvesting

Understanding the scarcity of water in rural as well as in urban area, more and more people are inclined toward rain water harvesting. A Portable water tank can store good amount of water that can be used in various application. These portable water tanks are easy to install and require minimum space.

Hatchery & Nursery Pond

A Hatchery & Nursery Pond has to cultivate Prawns (shrimps), Oysters, fish and other aquaculture species at their very initial sensitive phase. Also it has to provide a clean and bacteria free environment. We supply best quality Portable tanks for Hatchery and Nursery Pond that is easy to install and maintain.

Industrial Portable Tanks

We provide Industrial Portable tanks that has very high resistance to chemical corrosion and have excellent abrasion resistance properties, making them a suitable alternate in Industrial applications. These storage tank covers various applications: chlorinated water tank, water drilling, storage tank in chemical, pharmaceutical, Paint & Coating industries, Emergency services etc.

Other Service Data

Available in various finishes and designed as per end-use application


THICKNESS: 500 to 1500 Micron

TANK CAPICITY: 5000 to 100000 Ltr

Customized sizes are available as per requirement