Geo membrane sheet

Ronak Poly Pack also produce high strength, durable, UV treated Geomembrane Sheet. For making high quality Geomembrane Sheet, we are using excellent raw material, multilayer extrusion technology, and expert staff for installation process, with the blend of all we are leading in the industry. To suite its right applications, we provide a wide range of Geomembrane sheet in various thickness made from HDPE / LDPE / PVC. We understand the service aspect of Geomembrane industry hence we provide a complete package from consulting surface of raw pond, advising suitable Geomembrane sheet, installation services, maintaining pond and post installation services.


  • Durable and Leak proof
  • UV stabilized / resistance
  • Lowest permeability for Chemical and water
  • Specialty engineered blend
  • Superior Tensile and Tear strength
  • Excellent Environmental Stress Crack Resistance
  • Stable low temperature embrittlement resistance
  • Customized as per client requirement
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Specialty coating technology offers water tight welding

Services & Solutions

Agriculture Pond

We provide HDPE Geomembrane Sheet / Pond Liner in Agriculture field to cater Farmer’s water retention need. The reserved water is then used throughout the year for their crops through drip irrigations, their livelihood and Cattle. Our farmers can do maximum utilization of rain water and increase their productivity. We feel very fortunate to be part of growth in Agriculture field.

Aquaculture Pond

India is third largest producer of Global Aquaculture industry and a major share of that is coming from Fish Farms. We supply our high quality, UV resistance, durable Geomembrane sheet for Fish Farms, Shrimp Farms / Prawn Farms, Algae lakes etc.

Decorative Pond Lining

An esthetically appealing water pond is a sight that capture attention of any eye. We specialize in it. Our HDPE Geomembrane Sheet or PVC Pond Liner are perfect for Decorative pond in Resorts, Golf course, farm house, Town ships and Parks.

Canal Lining

Canal lining is the process of reducing seepage loss of irrigation water by adding an impermeable hydrostatic resistance layer of Geomembrane Sheet. Seepage can result in losses of 30 to 50 percent of irrigation water from canals, so adding Canal lining can make irrigation systems more efficient.

Solar Pond

A high density solar pond liner is manufactured with UV resistance and chemical resistance raw material. This Geomembrane sheet are used for evaporation of water to prevent soil pollution from salty or chemical waste water. The Solar ponds are used widely in salt lakes, dyes & chemical industry and RO water plants.

Industrial Geomembrane Lining

We manufacture suitable HDPE Geomembrane sheet for applications in various Industries such as Ash Ponds in Power Plant, safety Geomembrane lining at Petrochemical storage tanks, water reservoir in Metal industries, Temporary ponds at Oil drilling Rig, Bio Gas tanks etc.

Waste management treatment

Our Geomembrane Liners ideal for landfill containment and capping. Required for preventing contamination of ground water and prevents rainfall or moisture from getting into the waste. It plays an essential role in waste management system to prevent soil pollution and keeping waste intact.

Construction Lining

Our Geomembrane Sheet are available in wide range of thickness to suit its purpose in Construction Industry. Its major applications are in roads as road block sheet, moisture prevention sheet, roofing & basement waterproofing, temporary ponds on construction sites etc.

Other Service Data

Available in various finishes and designed as per end-use application


THICKNESS: 100 to 1500 Micron

WIDTH: Up to 8 Meter