We "Ronak Poly Pack" are tremendously committed towards manufacturing and supplying a premium quality HDPE Tarpaulin, Geomembrane Sheet, Woven Sack Bags and other products.

We have highly experienced staff, advance technological machinery and high-quality raw material, with blend of all, we satisfy all industrial standards and requirements. We believe in customer satisfaction, for that we make superior products and provides excellent service to them. Our group companies, as listed below; are involved in various manufacturing, supplying and service industries.

Firms Connected with us

Asian Burners

J K Group of companies was started name of Asian Burners in the year of 1970 which was very small manufacturing company in Mehsana (Gujarat). We used to manufacture Booster, starter and Pump which was used in tube well for bringing water at lower Electric, we had market all over India where farming take place and now Days from Last Decade we are engaged in manufacturing of Burners for Road Construction Drum Mix plant machineries.

Ronak Poly Pack

We then expanded our firm in 1992 at Vadsar (Gujarat) by name of Ronak Poly Pack. In the production house, we mainly produce HDPE Tarpaulin and Geomembrane Sheet. Our Geomembrane sheet have been served various sectors i.e. Agriculture, Aquamarine, Energy, waste management, water reservation, Canal, Road construction etc. We are having a long customer base and our HDPE Tarpaulin and Geomembrane have become synonym of quality in Indian market.

Someshwar Group

In 2005, We started Someshwar Group which is having esteemed reputation in construction business. In Mehsana, we built many magnificent and prominent infrastructure building. We are changing perspective of infrastructure by providing various astonishing projects. We had constructed Someshwar Shopping mall which was first mall in north Gujarat after that we had constructed residential project with a unique idea.

J K Polymers

J K Polymers company was formed in 2006, which makes wide variety of products. It’s main objective to provide woven PP and HDPE raffia sector. J K Polymer has made a dignity in fertilizers, cement, polymers, chemicals, textiles, machinery, automobiles industries. J K Polymers exporting goods to domestic clients as well as overseas i.e. USA, Canada, Europe, U.K. etc. We have capacity of 1500000 bag per day.

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The quality features we provide to our consumer
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We believe in punctuality in our work and along with all we deliver our products as soon as possible we can.

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Our advance tools and machinery always provide an efficient product to our customers.

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Our highly trained team always willing to serve our customers. We find customers requirement and fulfil it faithfully.


We believe in customer satisfaction and quality assurance.


Expand our limitations through hard-working and trusted administrator.

Our Skill

Skill is the unified force of experience, intellect and passion in our operation.


We have highly experienced team, who always ready to serve our clients.

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